Programmatic Targeting Display Ads for Relevant Traffic

“Programmatic Targeting Display Ads for Relevant Traffic”

What is programmatic display advertising?

The automated buying and selling of banner ads on specially designated areas of websites, social media platforms, or apps is known as programmatic display advertising

How does it work ?

Programmatic display advertising functions similarly to all other programmatically traded ads, with the exception that the ads are only banner ads.

Typically, display ads are bought and sold in real time through an auction-based system known as Real-Time Bidding (RTB). An advertiser uses a Demand Side Platform (DSP) to purchase advertising space from Supply Side Platforms (SSP).




Why is it important?

Simply put, programmatic display is crucial for your brand because it improves results. Advertisers have experienced a rise in sales and engagement over the past few years as a result of personalized banner ads that are reaching the right audiences.


By 2021, eMarketer projects that programmatic display ad spending will account for 87.5% of the market. That implies that this is how the vast majority of display ads will be traded.

Advertisers are currently spending $67.87 billion on programmatic display advertisements. 52% of these advertisements are seen on Facebook and Google. However, $32.35 billion is spent on advertisements on other websites.


Your advertising results are amplified when you combine the visual authority of display advertising with the targeted power of programmatic technology.


As competition for audience attention increases, choosing and working with the right Demand Side Platform is becoming more and more crucial. Make sure your display ads are effective by ensuring that they are a crucial component of any successful digital advertising campaign.

How to create Traffic-Driven Display Advertising Campaigns

Buyer Personas-  construct buyer personas. Buyer personas are fictionalized portraits of your ideal clients that you create based on their company type, job function, and even personal characteristics, depending on your industry. Buyer personas are helpful for all marketing campaigns, not just for developing successful display advertising campaigns.


You can find out where your users are online using these buyer personas and target them with display advertising. You can use this data to create segments of the types of people you want to advertise to—your ideal clients—by taking it and distilling it into a list of points.


Building banners that convert– Making a good first impression is crucial because for many online viewers, a display ad is their first exposure to your brand.


Different banners convert better than others; not all banners are created equal. Conversion rates depend on a variety of variables. In addition to the banner’s design, placement on the website, the type of website it is on, and the format of the display ad can all significantly affect the conversion rate you will experience.


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