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What Is Digital Marketing?

The practice of promoting products and services using digital distributionchannels to reach consumers in a timely, relevant, personal, and cost-effective manner.

Basic Concepts Of Digital Marketing

There are three basic concepts of Digital Marketing: Methods , Traffic, and Conversions.


Push Method – Involves sending content to a user through a means of distribution (ex. Email).

Pull Method– Involves the user seeking out and directly selecting the content (ex. Search engines)

Traffic- Clicks, Views, and Impressions. Measurement of the volume of users exposed to your digital marketing campaign can be expressed in clicks, views, impressions, and other forms.

Conversions– Sales and Sign-ups. The process of making traffic take action (in the form of a sale, sign-up, or phone call). All campaigns will have a Call to Action Ex. Purchase a membership, Sign-up for an Email List, etc.



How do search engines work?

Search engines have three main points that you want to focus on: User string (keyword) input, Query matching , and Results ranking.


User string (keyword) input-User provides a search string which is served to the engine.


Query matchingOrganic engines match user string to database of known indexed pagesthematically related to keyword. Paid engines match user string to database of known advertisers with activecampaigns under a given keyword (broad, exact).

Results rankingOrganic engines match user string to database of known indexed pagesthematically related to keyword and build profile of local relevancy to weigh against national results. Engine orients/ranks results based on algorithm. Paid Engines orient results based on pay per click bids and ad relevancy.



What Is programmatic media buying strategies?

The use of automated technology for media buying (the process of buying advertising space), as opposed to traditional (often manual) methods of digital advertising.